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Horenberg Multinational Trainers

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New! Horenberg Multinational Trainers

You’re working as an L&D specialist in a multinational company? You have customers outside of Belgium? You’re colleagues often work with suppliers and partners from all around the globe?

Well, then it’s time to meet!

Horenberg Multinational Trainers develops and delivers training courses for organisations that operate in a multinational and multicultural context.

Our topics? From English writing courses to leadership training, creativity workshops for multinational teams, sensitivity training, presentation and communication skills … You name it and we’ve got the specialist.

All our professional trainers are English speaking expats based in Belgium. Their seminars are more than just translations. With their multicultural background, they provide your teams with deeper insights in the specific needs of your international, multicultural working environments.

Contactpersoon: Bruno Verhaeghe
Adres: Horenberg 81 3090 Overijse
Telefoon: +32 2 688 28 01
E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Categorieën: Persoonlijke ontwikkeling, Coaching & Consulting, Organisatieontwikkeling & Change management, Leadership & Management Development, Gespecialiseerde Opleidingen, Gezondheid & Welzijn