Does your collected data provide you insights you act upon? Or are you just shooting blanks?

It’s most likely initiatives are being taken in your organization to digitize all kinds of processes. Simply because you want and need innovation in order to grow.
How is marketing embedded in your digital strategy? Are you doing smart things with the (customer) data you are collecting?

MultiMinds, based is Aalst (BE), is an independent and best in class expert in Optimizing your digital marketing strategy.
Our focus:
• Discovering our customers’ underlying business potential by using data analytics
• Activating our customers’ data using innovative technologies as AI and Machine Learning
• Providing insights to make smart and future-proof business decisions
• Offering full support services during our customers’ continuing digital marketing journey.

At the MultiMinds Academy you’ll learn…
• On a business strategic level – what the importance is of a digital strategy and how to embed data analytics in your digital marketing approach
• On a hands-on level – how to work with essential and advanced data solutions, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics, Data Management Platforms, Tealium iQ Tag Manger and more.

MultiMinds offers training modules for beginners, advanced users, business profiles and technical profiles.

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